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College is important for many reasons, including long-term financial gain, job stability, career satisfaction and success outside of the workplace. With more and more occupations requiring advanced education, an associate degree or continuing education certificate is critical to your child’s success in today's workforce. AlamoPROMISE can help.

It’s available to current academic year graduates from participating high schools regardless of family income or class rank.

AlamoPROMISE is a “last-dollar” scholarship for up to three years or the completion an associate’s degree or academic certificate, whichever comes first. The “last-dollar” scholarship funds the cost of tuition and required fees after financial aid awards are applied.

We are happy to help you and your student navigate the process of applying for and enrolling at one of the Alamo Colleges.


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FAQs for Parents & Families


What does AlamoPROMISE cover?

As last-dollar funding, AlamoPROMISE covers the gap between financial aid and the cost of tuition at one of the Alamo Colleges for up to three years. 100% of your student’s tuition and mandatory fees will be covered.

This program also covers enhanced college navigation and career pathway support.

How does last-dollar funding work?

“Last-dollar” funding covers the gap between tuition and required fees and a student’s financial aid award.

Students must submit a financial aid application and complete any additional documents needed to complete their financial aid award each year the student is enrolled in college.

Is there a family income limit to qualify for AlamoPROMISE?

Your household income does not disqualify you and there is no minimum academic requirement for admission.

Does AlamoPROMISE make college at the Alamo Colleges completely free?

After the financial aid award has been applied, AlamoPROMISE last-dollar funding covers the remaining costs of tuition and required fees. You may view the Cost of attendance breakdown, here.

AlamoPROMISE will only cover courses that are part of a student’s Course Program of Study (CPOS). CPOS is federal requirement stating that only courses that count toward a degree or certificate can be considered when calculating student’s federal financial aid eligibility. Due to this requirement, if a student takes courses that are not on their official degree plan, it could result in receiving less federal financial aid and having to pay for courses out-of-pocket. Visit here for more CPOS information.

AlamoPROMISE does not pay for other college-going expenses, including but not limited to: textbook purchases (textbook rental costs are covered through AlamoBOOKS+), technology equipment, transportation, and housing.

My child is the first person in the family to attend college and I am not familiar with the college process. What can I do to help my child succeed?

The college enrollment process can be confusing, but the AlamoPROMISE team is here to help guide you through the process and requirements. Our colleges have dedicated staff in admissions, financial aid, and other student services offices to support our incoming students.

Begin exploring college and career options with your student and reach out to us at anytime you have questions!

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